Bulletin of the State Social and Humanitarian University №4 (44) 2021
Mazurov Alexey Borisovich
PhD, Habil Professor at the Department of Russian and World History and Municipal Management
State Educational Institution of Higher Education
“State University of Humanities and Social Studies”, Kolomna, Russia
e-mail: mazurov.ab.1970@mail.ru

Obituary of St. Nicholas cathedral of Zaraisk in 17th–18th centuries as a primary source

Abstract. This article introduces into scholarly discourse a valuable primary source – the previously unpublished obituary of St. Nicholas Cathedral in Zaraisk. The present obituary is a commemoration book with prefaces and contains approximately 700 commemoration records from the 16th – 18th centuries. The main text body of the obituary dates back to the end of 1686 – first half of 1687. Later, new records were added to it. The study of the obituary allows to identify the circle of people who ordered the obits and trace back the evolution of the tradition of worshiping the image of the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas of Zaraisk from an all-Russian (16th – early 17th centuries) to regional (17th – early 18th centuries) and local (18th century).
Keywords: 18th century, Zaraisk, obit culture of medieval Rus, Nicholas Cathedral, miraculous icon of St. Nicholas of Zaraisk, Old Russian obituaries.
Tikhomirova Natalia Alexandrovna
PhD Habil, in Technology, Full Professor; Professor of the Department of Management and Economics
State Educational Institution of Higher Education
“State University of Humanities and Social Studies”, Kolomna, Russia
e-mail: tihomirovana@mail.ru

Nguyen Bao Chau
3rd year postgraduate student of the Department of Milk Technology, Probiotic Dairy Products
and Cheese-making at Moscow State University of Food Production, Moscow, Russia
e-mail: baochau249@gmail.com

An outlook on the market of specialized low-lactose products

Abstract. The aim of the article is to give an overview of the current situation on the global market for functional and specialized low-lactose products. Currently, the leading positions on this market are held by the US and Canada. In the foreseeable future we may see the growth of the market for low-lactose products in APR. Marketing and patent research allows us to predict further growth of lactose product market and tis further market partitioning.
Keywords: global market, marketing and patent research, specialized low- and zero-lactose products.
Dubinina Maria Nikolaevna
PhD in Pedagogy, Junior Research Fellow at the Department of German and Romance Languages and Methods of Their Teaching
State Educational Institution of Higher Education
“State University of Humanities and Social Studies”, Kolomna, Russia
e-mail: maria_solomatina@mail.ru

A socio-linguistic perspective of social credit system in China

Abstract. Ranking socially significant phenomena has become a wide-spread practice. The Chinese social credit initiative is a unique example of how the concept of social ranking can be used across public and private sector of the economy. Thus, the aim of this study is to show the synergy of traditional cultural attitudes, desire to preserve cultural unity and consistency across the nation, digital technologies, increased control and modern management principles create a new social paradigm. The study shows that social credit system is currently at the early stage of its development and the concepts behind it vary significantly across the country. However, the focal point of social credit system is to promote high moral standards of the citizens as well as to maintain maintain law and order which echoes the idea of noble citizen, deeply rooted in Chinese philosophy and culture. Particular attention is paid to the lexico-semantic fields which express the new cultural landmarks.
Keywords: social credit, China, digital society, control, ranking, information, sociolinguistic aspect.
Peng Yuhai
PhD Habil., Full Professor; Professor at the Faculty of Russian Language
Institute of Foreign Languages of Sichuan University, PRC, Chengdu
e-mail: ccttccnn@scu.edu.cn

Cognitive semantics of Russian and Chinese passive sentence: a comparative analysis of

Abstract. Passive sentence is an important syntactic structure in both Russian and Chinese. It is not only associated with the problem of the basic structural and semantic relationship within the sentence, but also with the dynamic mechanism of semantic information of the utterance. Moreover, it is uniquely associated with the cognitive-semantic problem of the verbal construction. Therefore, this type of sentence is indispensable in the semantic system of Russian and Chinese languages. Using the methods and theoretical principles of dynamic and cognitive semantics, as well as such concepts as state events, prototype categories, marking, topic, conceptualization and idealization. In this article we conduct a comparative analysis of cognitive semantics of passive sentences in Russian and Chinese. The purpose is to expand interlinguistic comparative analysis of passive sentences from a cognitive perspective and promote further discussion of semantic problems of passive sentences. This study demonstrates the cognitive roots of semantic differences between Russian and Chinese passive sentences. It also significant great theoretical value for further research of semantic similarities and differences in passive sentences. The practical significance of the study lies in the development of principles for correct understanding and use of passive sentences, which are extremely common in both Russian and Chinese.
Keywords: passive sentence, Russian, Chinese, prototype, cognitive perspective of events, communication, cognition, semantics, comparative analysis.
Politova Irina Nikolaevna
PhD Habil, Associate Professor; Professor at the Department of Russian Language and Literature
State Educational Institution of Higher Education
“State University of Humanities and Social Studies”, Kolomna, Russia
e-mail: i.politova@gmail.com

Zhou Haiyan’s book “A study of transient phenomena in Russian grammar”

Abstract. The book by the Chinese linguist Zhou Haiyan is addressed to Cheneese students and researchers doing Russian studies. Basing his research on the syncronous transitivity theory, the author analyses the hybrid nature of Russian transgressive, verbal noun and infinitive, as well as the phenomenon of functional homonymy as selected cases of syncretism in the case of simple and complex sentence. The study was based on the Russian National Corpus. The book is written in Chinese. Examples are available in Russian, accompanied by a translation Chinese.
Keywords: review, Zhou Haiyan’s book, transitivity, syncretism, scale of transitivity, Russian grammar, hybrid words, functional homonyms, transitivity cases in syntax.